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About Our Developer

  1. VDP is a North-American (Canadian) owner, developer who has been in Costa Rica developing real estate consistently for more than 18 years.
  2. VDP owns thousands of acres of land, free-and-clear, with no encumbrances or liens.
  3. VDP sold more property last year than the total combined Costa Rican sales of Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and Re/Max- "the big three" North American real estate firms with presence in Costa Rica.
  4. VDP is the only developer in Costa Rica who offers a governmentapproved residency plan for their buyers, with reduced requirements for investing and special allowances for time in the country. This was negotiated and approved based on their support of low-income housing projects VDP has funded.
  5. The owners of VDP are business people with heart. In addition to low income housing. They contribute to local road and school improvements. "Adopted" an island to help re-establish it as a turtle refuge, and pay the cost for security to keep the island's turtles from the harm of poachers.
  6. VDP is one of the few developers in Costa Rica who can afford to self-finance their clients' lot purchases for up to three years (10% interest). This gives many more investors the chance to afford a purchase at today's pricing, and gain appreciation while paying it off with no qualifying, or credit check.
  7. VDP offers a turn-key package like no other developer around.
    They take the worry and learning-curve out of the buying and building process for people who have no experience in the international real estate market. Even putting in the infrastructure it takes to make a lot buildable (i.e. permits, road, utilities, driveway), would surpass most people's experience level and Spanish fluency!

    From the lot purchase, to Costa Rican corporations, to design, to permitting, to construction, to finishes, to custom furniture-making and decorating, to property management - Ventana del Pacifico works directly with you, leads you through management - Ventana del Pacifico works directly with you, leads you through the process, and handles much of it for you. There are many "scam" developers and Real Estate Agents in Costa Rica. VDP takes both of these potential problems away. VDP has the history and 100% service you need to avoid the problems every investor faces when making choices and purchases in an international market. VDR work is always carried out with the greatest respect for the environment.

  8. All work and development is always carried out with the strongest respect for the environment first.

Wayne Smith
North American Director of Marketing

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