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Procedures and Itinerary

1. After our meeting, you have an option to purchase one or more preferred lots with a nominal deposit, or simply reserve a space to visit us for two days at our 10,000 sq ft guest house. To secure your space a small deposit is required that is fully refunded upon any lot purchased.

2. Fill out the Client Visit Application (CVA).
Please note, the CVA is a very important step in the process. The guesthouse is very busy and therefore YOU CAN NOT GET A CONFIRMATION ON YOUR DATES WITHOUT SUBMITTING THE FILLED-OUT CVA. Emails with requests are not sufficient. Please note that if you correspond with us about possible dates, but do not submit the CVA those dates can not be held for you.

Even though there is space on the CVA for your flight information, it is best not to book your flight until your guesthouse dates are confirmed. Once confirmed, you may email your flight info and we will add it to your CVA.

3. Scan/email your CVA to Tina Northern, visit coordinator for Ventana Del Pacifico, at: OR you can FAX it to the following Fax # 905-649-8421

4. Tina will check the guesthouse availability regarding our preferred dates.
If changes are necessary, you will receive an email from her normally within the next business day. If your preferred dates can be reseNed. you will receive a confirmation from Tina, and you may continue the confirmation and booking process with her.

5. Book your flights, once you receive confirmation from Tina. The airport code in San Jose is SJO. IF you are taking a red-eye and arriving the morning of your guesthouse check-in, make sure your flight arrives no later than approximately 7:30 a.m. Also, make sure you have a valid passport!

6. Tina can reseNe your regional flight into our area (from San Jose to Palmar Sur) or book a hotel for you in or out of San Jose. Indicate these needs on the CVA where requested, and Tina will be in touch.

If you prefer to book the regional flight on your own, the web address is: There is only one flight per day into Palma Sur, although at times the schedule shows 2 flights. This simply means they send one plane right after the next - but they want everyone at the Sansa terminal at least 20-30 minutes before the first scheduled departure.

There is also another regional airline, NatureAir. It is a little more expensive, departs from a different location, but sometimes connects to regional airports without going back through San Jose. Sansa is the preferred carrier and flight schedule for Ventana Del Pacifico.

If you are planning an extended trip, Tina can help with suggestions and booking a rental car or other accommodations. Indicate these needs on the CVA where requested, and Tina will be in touch.

7. Arrive in Costa Rica! We look forward to seeing you in Costa Rica on the lovely SW Pacific Coast, where the mountains meet the sea, to show yo'u the fantastic investment opportunities and gorgeous tropica/landscape!

Depending on your flight schedule, you may need an overnight in San Jose. VDP has arranged discount rates with two nice hotels near the airport. Indicate your need on the CVA. Both of these hotels can shuttle you to their locations from SJO and back to the Sansa terminal the morning of your flight to Palmar Sur.

8. Once you arrive at Palmar Sur around 10: 15 am, you will be met by a Ventana del Pacifico representative, who will shuttle you to their very gracious 10,000 sq ft guesthouse for check-in.

9. After getting room assignments, a luscious gourmet lunch will be served early and the tour will start immediately after. Day 1 includes looking at construction methods, carpentry and site possibilities/site preparation. This helps you visualize what can be done with different terrain and floor plans, once you start looking at lots.

10. Another amazing meal is served in the open-air dining room in the evening, with some personal time before and after. You might choose to cool off in the pool, get to know our tour-mates, playa game of pool in the reo room, etc.

11. After nature's wake-up call of tropical birds and the occasional screech or hoot of some monkeys - a full, fresh breakfast starts Day 2 out early. Both before and after lunch, the tour will focus on viewing available lots in the development, including specific lots that have been reserved by you and our tour-mates.

There are no "salesmen" at Ventana del Pacifico, only your courteous tour guide, Patrick, who will show you what you want to see, and let you make the right decision for you. While there is no pressure, you will find that the country, the region, the views and the "total turnkey package" that VDP offers, will sell it self. Often, tour-mates are vying for the same lots, so that is why your deposits can be so critical. If you have already reserved a lot with a deposit you have the first say on that lot. Many people end up buying two or more lots. Make sure you bring our checkbooks, so that you can make your initial or subsequent deposits according to what you decide, Let your goals and dreams be your guide. Ventana's primary purpose is to help you, in whatever ways they can, make your dreams come true.

12. Depending on the size of your group and the decision-making process, there may be time at the end of the tour to hit the beach before dinner. A final sumptuous dinner and casual evening will wrap up Day 2, while paperwork is completed by parties who are making purchases.

13. A fresh, light breakfast will complete your eventful guesthouse visit on Day 3, You will be shuttled back to the Palmar Sur airport around 9:30 for your flight back to San Jose.


Wayne Smith
North American Director of Marketing

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