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Ventana Del Pacifico Management

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Costa Rica spends over $15 million per year in tourism advertising, increasing desire for vacation rental properties. Therefore, causing a need for quality rentals both weekly and monthly.

The area of our development is one of the few places in Costa Rica "where the mountains meet the sea." This geography lends itself to some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world, and makes living conditions more comfortable year round. Temperatures remain more constant as a breeze blows up from the coast during the day, and down from the mountains at night. This makes it truly pleasurable condition for outdoor living. Once again this area has caused a serious demand for rental homes in which we are short of.

We have been a turn-key company for over 18 years. Our entire team resides on site at all times, and they include the Owner of the land, Developer, Contractors, Architects, Planning Engineers, and of course our Rental Management team.

A 2000 sq ft home with pool in our development will rent for approximately $1000 week except for the rainy season. Should you decide to have us rent it on a weekly, or monthly basis we would be more than happy to accommodate you. After we collect your rent we then deposit it directly into your Costa Rica Bank account under your Corporation name. With a debit card you can withdraw these funds anywhere in the world.

We are a full service management company ranging from picking your guest up from the airport to returning them, and your home spotless.


Wayne Smith
North American Director of Marketing

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