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Why Costa Rica?

Are you considering investing in a retirement or second home outside of North America? If you have, you certainly aren't alone. Every year an increasing number of North Americans are willing to consider alternatives to the likes of Florida and Arizona. In fact, 1.3 million visitors a year have created a boom in development and private investment al/ along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is the jewel of the Americas - a peaceful prosperous country, dry and tropical. With coasts on the Atlantic/Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica enjoys one of the world's most diverse and unspoiled natural landscapes. Knowledgeable world travelers are choosing Costa Rica as the perfect location for a first or second home. This peaceful, efficient Spanish-speaking nation is a long-standing democracy that has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Its health and education systems rival those of North America and Europe. Costa Rica has fol/owed environmentally sound practices for decades and its unspoiled beaches, rainforests, rivers and mountains are the delight of naturalists, hikers, divers and bird watchers.

Costa Rica's national Constitution guarantees that. with regard to property, foreign nationals have the same rights as Costa Ricans. Foreigners may therefore own the land outright with a Deed allowing them to sell their property or pass it along to their heirs. The cost of living in Costa Rica is extremely favorable for those of us living in North America and of course, there are a number of all-inclusive resorts that offer a range of services and prices to match.
Costa Rica has a high quality of health care available to Costa Ricans and foreign nationals alike. The doctors are highly qualified and usually American trained and English speaking.

The Pacific Coast is broken into several regions within three provinces. The mountain region comes closer to the Ocean above the Osa Peninsula in Puntarenas, which creates a more temperate climate. There is a rainy or "green" season, generally during September, October and November. However, traveling in Costa Rica anytime is a delight!

Wayne Smith
North American Director of Marketing

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